We specialize in the following areas of practice:

Domestic Violence

Domestic Violence by Strangulation
Domestic Violence Injunctions
Violation of Domestic Violence Injunction

Drug Crimes

Florida Drug Trafficking
Possession of a Controlled Substance Without a Prescription
Possession of Drugs in Florida
Possession or Manufacture of Paraphernalia
Possession with the Intent to Sell Drugs

DUI Defense

DUI Breath Tests
DUI Manslaughter
DUI Penalties
Field Sobriety Tests

Motor Vehicle Offenses

Driving While License Suspended
Fleeing to Elude
Habitual Traffic Offender
Leaving The Scene of an Accident
No Valid Driver’s License
Racing on The Highway
Reckless Driving
Vehicular Homicide
Boating Under the Influence
Overturning Driver’s License Suspensions and Citations

Property Crimes

Criminal Mischief
Carrying a Concealed Weapon

Sex Crimes

Child Pornography
Failure to Register as Sex Offender
Lewd and Lascivious Behavior
Prostitution and Solicitation of Prostitution
Sex Offender Registration
Sexual Battery
Sexual Predator


to Meet a Minor
Video Voyeurism

Theft Crimes

Dealing in Stolen Property
Failure To Return Leased Personal Property
Grand Theft
Grand Theft Auto
Identity Theft
Petty Theft and Retail Theft or Shoplifting
Scheme to Defraud
White Collar Crime
False Information to a Pawn Broker

Violent Crimes

Aggravated Assault
Aggravated Battery
Child Abuse and Neglect
Disorderly Intoxication
False Imprisonment
Felon in Possession of a Firearm
Resisting Arrest with Violence

Criminal Appeals

DHSMV Formal Review Hearings

Violation of Probation

Federal Crime

Alien Smuggling
Anti-Kickback Medical Fraud- Compounding Creams
Arms Trafficking
Bribery Of A Public Official
Possession With The Intent To Distribute Drugs
Child Pornography
Federal Violation of Probation and Federal Violation of Supervised Release
Mail Fraud
Tax Fraud
Wire Fraud
Money Laundering 18 USC 1956
Money Laundering 18 USC 1957
Career Offender
Armed Career Criminal Enhancement
Bank Fraud
Insurance Fraud
Healthcare Fraud
Violation Of The Hobbs Act Or Extortion
Bankruptcy Fraud by Concealment of Property
Distributing Prescription Drugs Outside the Course of Professional
Medical Practice
Mortgage Fraud
Acquiring Prescription Drugs or Controlled Substances by Fraud or
Federal Bail
Theft of Government Funds

Record Seal/Expunge

Seal Your Record
Expunge Your Record

Resisting Arrest Without Violence